One-of-a-kind spot opens in El Paso that caters to traveling musicians

There's a new stopping point for famous musicians and bands to hang out while driving through El Paso. The I-10 is a major travel-way for cross-country travelers, even musicians on tour. On Wednesday, Outpost was launched on East Missouri Avenue and I-10. It is a completely new concept in America. The El Paso location is the first of five to be opened across the country.

Created by the Participation Agency, the purpose of Outpost is to sustain artists when they are on a routed tour through the U.S.

"The idea of it is really that we want to connect small communities with arts music culture using the resources that we have in bigger cities and helping musicians along the way," said Jessica Resler, creative director of the Participation Agency.

"Outpost is a roadside community for artists traveling through and to El Paso, Texas," said Josh Cocktail with the Participation Agency. "You have to drive on the I-10 through El Paso, so even if you are not playing the city of El Paso, you were still passing through it."

The creators hope it's not only going to help the musicians, but El Paso as well.

"We are going to be bringing in more musicians who are going to stay in the city longer than they would have otherwise because they are going to have access to all of these awesome amenities, to all of these great brands that are really curated to meet their lifestyle," Resler said.

Musicians can get free snacks, take showers, do laundry, and there's also a recording studio, place for small shows and even hot tubs and adult jungle gyms.

"Everything is free," Cocktail said.

"The way that the Outpost is going to work is we are going to have a community floor on the lower level, which will be open to the public," Resler said. "People can come by, they are going to be able to consume music from the artists that stop through. They are going to be able to buy merch, check out some of the brands that we're bringing in that might be new to them. Then the top floor will sort of be the VIP for the traveling musicians."

It's a chance for El Pasoans to meet some of their favorite bands.

"The program is nothing without the community," Resler said. "We are really looking to involve them as well, everything from working at the Outpost all the way to the installations of art -- it's going to be on the outside of the building and the inside of the building, we want people from El Paso to build out the aesthetic with us."

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