Victim killed in northeast El Paso rollover was passenger in Jeep

One person has died and another was seriously injured in a rollover crash in northeast El Paso. Credit: KFOX14 / CBS4

Failure to stop at a stop sign was the cause of Wednesday's crash in far northeast El Paso, which resulted in one fatality and two injuries.

The woman killed in the crash was not identified, but police said she was 33 years old.

The woman was a passenger in the Jeep that rolled over after it was struck by an SUV driven by 63-year-old Rosa Mendoza, according to police.

Mendoza was heading north on Mesquite Hill Drive and ignored a stop sign, police said.

Mendoza's SUV then struck a Jeep Wrangler driven by 33-year-old Carlos Villanueva, of Chaparral, New Mexico.

Police first tweeted about the crash around 3:45 p.m. Wednesday.

The crash happened at Mesquite Hill Drive and U.S. 54 north.

Villanueva and Mendoza suffered serious injuries and were taken to a hospital, police said.

John Coffield, a resident in a nearby neighborhood, said crashes at that intersection are common.

"We've been hounding the city for months now to get a light put in here at this intersection, and they haven't done anything yet," Coffield said. "I just want the city to put a light out here to see these accidents stop because people go through this intersection. It’s a residential area; people coming out of the city think that they’re out of the city and don’t realize that there’s a residential area out here."

Coffield said he saw a van full of soldiers performing CPR on the victims.

Police said Villanueva and his passenger were ejected from the car.

Coffield said the neighborhood association is hoping to work with the city to make the intersection safer and save lives.

The investigation is ongoing.

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