NM Governor Susana Martinez plans to give schools millions to enhance security

Mesilla Park Elementary School.jpg

The Governor of New Mexico plans to sign a bill that would help make schools in the state safer for students.

On Tuesday, New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez said she will set aside $40 million to enhance school safety.

That includes $10 million over the course of four years to schools that apply for the grant.

Starting this year, school districts throughout the state can apply for grant funding for security infrastructure projects.

Officials from Gadsden Independent School District and Las Cruces Public Schools said they plan to apply.

The security projects proposed by the governor include secured fencing around schools, new intercom systems, and single-point-of-entry to boost security.

Today, students and parents in Las Cruces tell KFOX14 what kind of improvements they’d like to see in their schools.

“I feel like if we have the gates locked more occasionally because we have gates over there and they’re open, like anybody can walk into campus,” student Alexandra Tristan said.

“I’d like to see all the schools locked down during the day. I think metal detectors would be a good idea and also everyone should register before getting past the office,” parent Rayla Buchanan said.

The governor also encourages school districts to work with retired police officers who’d like to volunteer as security guards.

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