New program getting Fort Bliss soldiers on the right track to healthier living

Fort Bliss soldiers

The Department of Defense is trying to get troops to eat healthier, which will, in turn, help them on the battlefield.

It’s all a part of the Go for Green program.

"It's what we call fueling the soldiers,” said Cardelion Deese, quality control supervisor for the Food Service Branch at Fort Bliss.

The program's goal is to help our troops to live a healthier lifestyle.

"The idea is to get some healthy food for the soldiers,” said Dan Brigle, project manager for the Food Service Contract at Fort Bliss.

It’s an initiative rolled out by the Department of Defense.

"It's actually having the soldiers get back the energy and the nutritional value need to fight the battle out on the field,” Deese said.

Fort Bliss is one of five Army installations, out of the 60 within the states, testing out the 2.0 version of the program.

"For us, it's a feather in our cap. As contractors, we take pride in feeding our soldiers,” Brigle said. "It makes us feel really good to be able to do this."

With the new program, the Sgt. 1st Class Charles M. Bamford Dining Facility had to make some changes.

"We're going to a lower-sodium-type items,” Deese said. "We're actually changing the recipes as we go along, so they'll meet the standards when it comes to the program."

But changes were not only made to the menu.

"We have calorie cards that we put out on the serving line, and it identifies the different groups of fooding,” Brigle said.

Which gives soldiers more of an option of what they’re putting on their plates.

"It's been amazing that we haven't had any negative feedback,” Brigle said.

For this particular dining facility, the choices they are making are personal.

"Most of my management team, we're all prior military, so we've been through this, so we can also see the importance of the food and what we're doing for the soldiers,” Brigle said.

Deese told CBS4 that right now, there is no date set for when the Department of Defense will roll out the 2.0 version of the program to all of the dining facilities.

He said the program is constantly changing to ensure they’re providing the best meals for the troops.

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