New Mexico State Legislature battles over Daylight Saving Time.


    Two competing bills are being voted on by New Mexico State Legislature.

    House Bill 73 aims to exempt New Mexico from Daylight Saving Time.

    This means from March 10 toNov. 3, El Paso will be one hour ahead of Las Cruces.

    For people like Terry Mason, this means leaving Las Cruces an hour earlier to get to work in El Paso at the same time.

    “It would just mean that I would have to get up a lot earlier and then it’d end up being more of a pain for me because it’s already a pain driving an hour away,” Mason said.

    “If you take the kids to school, usually you get up at 6:30/7 get them ready then go to work.The time change might make you have to look for a babysitter, you might have to get up an hour earlier it might create difficulties or I should say hassle for a regular working family,” Elias Serrano said.

    Senate Bill 226 aims to keep the state in Daylight Saving Time year-round, which means fromNov. 3 to March 10, Las Cruces will be one hour ahead of El Paso.

    So those commuting from Las Cruces could leave an hour later.

    This bill, however, would only be enacted if the federal law is amended to allow a state to be exempted from reverting back from standard time

    “If I left at six to get there at six, I wouldn’t mind that, obviously, cause I’d get more sleep,” Mason said.

    One argument is that the time changes mess with people’s sleep schedules.

    “Working in the health care field, I see that it plays a lot of havoc onpeople's sleep schedules,” Paul Griffiths said. “Most of these insomniacs already have a hard time getting to sleep or stayingasleep so when you change the time forward an hour or back an hour they have more difficulty getting to sleep.”

    Arizona and Hawaii have already opted out of DaylightSaving and California and Florida are introducing similar bills to stop the practice.

    Dante Blanton lives in Nevada and drives to Phoenix,Ariz., often.

    “[It’s] very crazy, very confusing, very irritating, very frustrating,” Blanton said.

    “I’ve drove that route so many times- Las Vegas to Phoenix - I always forget I lose an hour, inevitably.”

    Max Navarro lives in El Paso and has family in Las Cruces.

    “I guess we would just have to do a little bit more planning ahead, just with the differenttime zones,” El Paso resident Max Navarro said.

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