New exhibit could be coming to El Paso Zoo

The master plan for the Chihuahuan Desert Exhibit would reconstruct 2.3 acres.

City Council is expected to meet on Tuesday and discuss a proposal that would give the El Paso Zoo some new upgrades.

The city agreed to use about $12.2 million from the 2012 Quality of Life bond to pay for the Chihuahuan Desert Habitat back in 2013. The zoo has completed the design for that exhibit and it's asking to bump that budget up by $2 million.

The master plan, which is pictured above, would reconstruct 2.3 acres. It would create overhead animal transfers, a flash flood experience, a vertical ropes course and a large rockwork structure to exhibit the large cats.

The exhibit would also feature plants and trees that are found in the Chihuahuan Desert.

Finally, the zoo would create exhibits for wolves, mountain lions, jaguars, thick-billed parrots, prairie dogs, reptiles and several other animals found in the desert.

The zoo says it will take money out of the Andean Bear Project’s budget to pay for the increase. If the city approves the transfer on Tuesday, construction would start this spring and be open to the public by fall 2019.

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