New app aims to curb bullying at EPISD

Anonymous App

El Paso Independent School District administrators are rolling out a new way to help tackle bullying. They’re using a tool several students are already familiar with to help more people speak up when they see bullying.

“I've noticed it, but I haven't really done very much about it because I've been scared,” Joshua Richardson said.

That fear can sometimes keep students from reporting bullying, making it a vicious cycle.

Even if students are afraid to report bullying, they now have a new avenue to document it and stop it,

using a language they're are comfortable with.

“This is the first time we're using an app to report bullying,” Melissa Martinez, EPISD spokesperson, said.

Students at EPISD who witness bullying or are victims of it can now use the Anonymous Alerts app.

“I think it's going to be more helpful. Since everyone has a phone now, it will be more easier to report bullying,” said Citlali Delgado.

Both students and parents can log into the app using "El Paso ISD" for the username and password.

Then, they can send a message about a bullying incident or recorded video straight to their school principal.

“As soon as it's reported, I'll get it automatically through the app on my phone,” Jason Yturralee, Ross Middle School principal, said. “Also, along with that, it will give me a different kind of breakdown, what type of bullying is reported, where it's being reported, things of that nature.”

Students said they're ready for the change to help keep their campus safe.

“I feel people will be very scared to report something like that,” Karina Garcia said. “With the app it will make things much easier to get it across without people being too scared.”

The district reported that it has already received a few reports of bullying via the app.

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