Nearly 500 new jobs are headed for Las Cruces

A new call center in Las Cruces will create hundreds of new jobs.

New businesses are coming to Las Cruces with the potential of creating hundreds of jobs.

Sprouts is coming to Las Cruces and is expected to bring in 120 new jobs.

But that’s not the only company bringing new jobs to the city.

A new call center is also headed to Las Cruces with the promise of creating 350 jobs.

Sprouts announced it will be opening 30 new stores across the country including one in Las Cruces.

People in Las Cruces say they’re excited to finally get a Sprouts and hope it’ll have a boost on the city’s economy.

"I think that'll be good because all the unemployed people that are looking for jobs and can't find any jobs, it'll be a good place for them to find a job so it'll be beneficial for them,” Isabel Sillas said.

Taking over the old Sitel building will be a new call center called TLC Associates.

Sitel closed its doors in March putting around 400 people out of work.

Some people in Las Cruces say they hope this new call center not only creates jobs, but provides benefits.

"They're only going to be helpful if they provide maximum salaries so it's not just a minimum salary to people and so they also provide benefits such as medical insurance,” Katherine Barit said.

Today I spoke with the Mayor Ken Miyagishima about the positive impact these jobs could have on the city.

He tells me TLC Associates is good for anyone looking for a full-time job.

He adds, that soon people will have a the chance to make even more money with the company when minimum wage increases.

"It's great, these people are coming in here knowing that minimum wage is $9.20 and hour and is going to $10.10 an hour in 2019 so I think that speaks very well for the city,” Miyagishima said.

Sprouts is scheduled to open its doors at the beginning of next year.

People can already start applying to TLC Associates by filling out an application online.

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