Murder trial for man accused of killing Christian Jorjorian in 2016 underway

Marcelo Mailland is one of two men accused of killing Christian Jorjorian, 20, in an apparent drug deal gone wrong in 2016.

The trial for a man accused of murdering an El Paso man in 2016 began on Monday. Officers and witnesses spoke about what they heard and saw on the day of the shooting.

Marcelo Mailland is one of two men accused of killing Christian Jorjorian, 20, in an apparent drug deal turned deadly.

Investigators said Mailland and Marco Antonio Nava, 17, worked together to lure Jorjorian to a park on Calle Parque Drive with the intent to steal drugs from him.

Nava told detectives he and Mailland planned a “lick,” or armed robbery, for the drugs.

According to the arrest affidavit, Nava said the robbery didn’t go as planned and Mailland shot Jorjorian in the chest.

Nava accepted a plea deal in 2017 to serve 30 years in prison with the possibility of parole in 15 years.

During Monday's trial, an officer with the El Paso Police Department spoke regarding what he encountered when he arrived on scene and spoke with eye-witnesses about what they saw.

Another officer who works with the SWAT team and crime scene units searched the area. He says they realized the bullet was still missing after the autopsy and 49 recruits and one metal detecter went out to the park the day after the autopsy to search.

One witness was playing basketball at the park when he heard people yelling in a car. He says he heard the door open, heard a man yell "I'm going to shoot you" and quickly heard gun shots. He says he believes the car was black.

Another witness lives in the area of the incident and says he saw the car drive off, blow through a stop sign and was going faster than it should have been. The witness says he ran up to the body and saw two syringes next to it.

During the trial, several photos were shown as evidence of marijuana and syringes filled with unknown substances from Jorjorian's home.

New information is showing Mailland called the west side regional command wanting to speak to a detective. He told detective Adrian Garcia that he wanted to call police because he was with Nava the day of the incident. He told detective Garcia he dropped Nava off at the park that day, drove off, then heard gun shots.

Video was shown in the courtroom of detectives interviewing Mailland. In the video, Mailland claims he and Nava went to the park to meet Jorjorian. Mailland claims Nava struck Jorjorian first, then Mailland struck him and Nava then shot Jorjorian.

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