Convicted murderer in 2004 cold case found in Mexico, sentenced to 4 years in prison

Carlos Miguel Rodriguez Urquidi was sentenced for the 2004 murder of a Canutillo man.

The man authorities had been looking for since 2004 has been convicted for the murder of a Canutillo man.

Deputies with the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office discovered the body of Ignacio Hernandez on Jan. 13, 2004 at his home on the 8000 block of Coach Road in Canutillo.

Hernandez had been stabbed multiple times, according to investigators.

Carlos Miguel Rodriguez Urquidi, then 22, was identified as the suspect in Hernadez’s murder but the case went cold after years of trying to locate Urquidi with no success.

Investigators believed Urquidi fled to Mexico, where he is from.

The El Paso Sheriff’s Office and the El Paso County District Attorney made an agreement with Mexico, which states that in the event that Urquidi is taken into custody in Mexico, he will stand trial in Mexico for the crimes committed in the United States.

Authorities in El Paso gave Mexican prosecutors a package that included details about the murder investigation, witness affidavits and other documents that would help prosecute Urquidi, sheriff’s officials said.

Urquidi was eventually located in Mexico and taken into custody. He was tried and convicted Nov. 6, 2017 and will serve four years and six months in prison.

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