Multiple families displaced after arroyo breaks, floods homes in Socorro

Flooding in Socorro, 7/15/17

Multiple people were displaced after an arroyo broke and flooded several homes in Socorro.

The brunt of the flooding happened on Coker Road.

Water from the arroyo spilled out and into multiple homes on the street.

Some residents told KFOX14 they got about 3 feet of water inside their homes.

Crews were in the area all day scooping mud and water out of the way.

This isn't the first time that this has happened in the area.

There was a similar flood in 2013.

Caterina Muñoz told KFOX14 she was still fixing some of the damage from that flood, but now that's all gone to waste.

She said more needs to be done to improve the safety in the area during monsoon season.

"We've asked so many of the officials here in the city, the county, the reclamation bureau, everybody, to see if they can resolve this for us by so far no. There's no help," Muñoz said.

The Red Cross is assisting the families.

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