Motorcycle gang expert explains roots of rival gang involved in East El Paso shooting

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The Kinfolk Outlaw Motorcycle Gang is somewhat new in the motorcycle world. It's made up of members who left the Bandidos following drama about the Bandidos' leadership.

A motorcycle gang investigator told KFOX14 the Kinfolk was started by a former Bandidos member, who was passed up for national president.

"Well, the guy who starts the Kinfolks thought he should be the president, according to some accounts,” Katz said. “At that point, when he leaves and starts this other club, now here comes another group who are in their view their enemy, because the guy's a traitor for leaving the Bandidos to start this other group."

Katz said the Kinfolk and the Bandidos are 1 percent gangs. That means they don't follow the rules of the law.

Given that background, Katz said, having two of these gangs in the same area can lead to violence.

Katz said in his experience the only time these conflicts between gangs are resolved is when law enforcement officers intervene.

Thursday, Bandidos member Juan Martinez died after being shot inside the Mulligans Chopped Bar in east El Paso over the weekend.

Four others were also injured in the shooting.

Javier Gonzalez, who police say is a member of the Kinfolk Outlaw Motorcycle gang was arrested for the deadly shooting.

El Paso Police say they are monitoring the situation.

The American Motorcyclist Association says 99 percent of clubs have members who are law-abiding citizens. The members of 1 percent of clubs are considered outlaws who disregard the rules.

This mentality of living above the law can cause these rivalries to get violent.

"As soon as that's the belief, you're going to have conflict immediately. It's not going to be verbal. It's going to be physical,” Katz said.

It comes down to territory.

"In the outlaw gang world, you try to take the other club's colors like it's a trophy,” Katz said. “To do that, often times it involves violence and, as in the most recent case here with the shooting, 'You shot my guy; I'm shooting your guy.'”

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