Mother says her son complained about SISD teacher arrested for injury to child

The child was taken to the hospital after a series of bruises, according to his mom. Photo courtesy: Denise Melchor

A mother who claims her son was physically abused by a teacher at Myrtle Cooper Elementary School in 2016 is urging other parents to come forward.

Denise Melchor said her son was a 4 years old when he was in Olga Najera’s classroom. The mother said the boy told her Najera was hurting him.

Melchor said Najera kept in close contact with her when her son was in her class and often told her about his behavior.

“(The teacher) was calling me and telling me, ‘You know what, Gael was misbehaving. He did this to another kid and then he’s going to have some scratches here and there,'” said Melchor.

Melchor said that because of Najera’s phone calls and constant communication, she didn’t believe her son's accusations about his teacher.

“I didn’t listen to him so the things kept happening and happening,” said Melchor.

Earlier this year, Melchor said she received a phone call from the school’s principal saying one of Gael’s classmates accused Najera of hitting a child on the face and this had prompted an investigation into the accusations.

Melchor said the phone call made her realize that her son had been telling the truth since the beginning of the school year.

“Some of the parents, they didn’t want to talk about it. I know that it didn’t happen to all of (the children) but they didn’t want to talk about any of the information of the teacher because she looks very honest and educated,” said Melchor.

As KFOX14 first reported, Olga Najera was placed on administrative leave in March for inappropriate conduct. A spokesman with the Socorro Independent School District told KFOX14, the initial investigation found nothing against Najera and the teacher was transferred by the district to Helen Ball Elementary School at the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year.

Najera was arrested in late July and charged with two counts of injury to a child.

According to court records, Najera is accused of pinching a child under the age of 14 on the arm and scratching the child around the hands.

She is also accused of slapping another child in the face, stepping on the child’s foot and kicking the child, according to court documents.

Both incidents reportedly happened in August 2016.

Online court records show Najera was booked under a $15,000 bond cash or surety bond, which has been posted.

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