Mother and baby saved from fire by two-year-old

Anna Bernal and her newborn child were saved from a fire by her oldest daughter Sunday.

A sleeping mother and her newborn baby were saved from a fire by her oldest daughter Sunday.

Around 4:30 a.m., Anna Bernal had fallen asleep with her newborn child.

Bernal says she smelled something unusual but went to sleep anyway.

“I fell asleep, and as I fell asleep, I smelled something funny, so I was, like, rolling on my side, and I was like, it’s probably just me or something outside,” Bernal said

Moments after Bernal fell asleep, her 2-year-old daughter, Luna, woke her screaming, jumping and pointing to the wall behind the bed.

“She was screaming and crying and panicking and jumping up and down, and she was on the other side of the bed pointing,” Bernal said.

The circuit switch located inches away from the bed was on fire, setting the wall ablaze.

“I was telling myself, don’t panic, don’t panic, the worst thing you can do is panic,” Bernal said.

Bernal gathered her children, dressed them, dialed 911 and evacuated the apartment.

Bernal says they have a smoke detector but did not put batteries in it.

“We have a smoke detector but we didn’t have batteries in it. We thought nothing would happen,” Bernal said.

Firefighters and Luna’s parents were both shocked that she reacted to the flames and warned her mother.

“Instinct took over. We never taught her about anything about flames. She knows when to back off, and she took in her own action,” Kim Gov, husband of Bernal and father of Luna, said.

Gov and Bernal said even firefighters were surprised of Luna’s heroic response.

“One of [the firefighters] was talking to her directly, and he said, ‘Wow, you told mommy, you’re a hero,” Bernal said.

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