More than bond money needed to build El Paso Children's Museum

Renderings of what the new El Paso Children’s Museum could look like. El Pasoans can now vote on their favorite design.

Looks like the city will need more money to build the much anticipated El Paso Children’s Museum.

There are three designs by three different architecture firms that the public can vote on. It is unknown which design is more expensive, but what the city does know is that they’ll need more than the $20 million in the 2012 quality of life bond to build it.

The budget goal is now $60 million.

The building itself will cost about $30 million and then it will cost another $30 million to install the different exhibits.

Voters approved the new museum that will be rebuilt in downtown El Paso.

Ailbhe Cormack is a mother who also works with early childhood intervention.

She’s excited about to have the museum here in El Paso.

“We just traveled to Albuquerque and took Niamh to the children's museum there. Ciudad Juarez across the border. We visited the children's museum there. It's called La Roda Dora. But it's a little hard because you have to wait at the border lines," Cormack said.

Stephanie Otero, special projects director for the El Paso Community Foundation said in her experience, she knows that the bond money was not going to cover the large-scale project envisioned in El Paso.

"In my research, I have been traveling to see children's museums and science centers across the country. We looked at their budgets to start to build a realistic budget for ours here in El Paso," Otero said.

The El Paso Community Foundation has committed to $20 million of the project but now they’ll have to raise another $20 million.

For now, it’s a waiting game until the final design is chosen.

“Then we will work with them and a cost analysis firm to design it within a budget we can afford,” Otero said.

The public can vote for the museum design and name. Voting ends this Friday.

Vote here:

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