More teens and 20 somethings in El Paso turning to plastic surgery

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Celebrities like Kyle Jenner aren't the only 18-year-olds getting work done to their body. Dr. Sozer, president of the El Paso Cosmetic surgery center, said more and more teens are getting on the operating table to achieve the look of their dreams.

"Twenty years ago, when we were training in plastic surgery, it was not as socially acceptable as it is now," said Sozer.

Sozer said now, many parents are offering plastic surgery as high school graduation presents.

"Before they go to college, they want their nose and ears fixed, they want to go to their new environment with their new image," said Sozer.

Guadalupe Cortez, who is 23-years-old, recently had breast augmentation done. It's something she's wanted to do since she was 18.

"I wasn't that confident, because I've always had very small breasts," said Cortez.

The increase in popularity has more than quadrupled the number of surgeries Sozer sees here in El Paso.

"Where we were doing three breast augmentations a month, now we're doing twenty to twenty-five," said Sozer.

This allows surgeons to lower the price of the procedures. The price of breast implants has also dropped in the last decade, making it more affordable for young people to have it done.

"We also got better with the surgeries. It was taking us one hour, one and a half hours to do a breast augmentation, now it's 15 to 20 minutes," Sozer said.

Sozer said he will not operate on patients that are under 18-years-old unless there is a major physical abnormality.

"If there are certain issues like a young boy with breasts, gynecomastia. You don't want to wait on that. That boy cannot take off his shirt in the locker room. I'd do it as early as 16 or 15," said Sozer.

Also Sozer said he will counsel the patient if there may underlying emotional issues surgery can't fix.

With lower prices and plastic surgery being more socially acceptable, patients like Cortez see no reason to wait until old age to enjoy their new body.

"Now that I have them, I feel more happy about myself. I feel more confident. If it's going to make you feel comfortable and confident about yourself, just do it," said Cortez.

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