Mold creates problems for El Paso county homeowners affected by recent floods

Mold creates problems for El Paso county homeowners affected by recent floods.

The flooding and heavy rains that slammed the Borderland in recent weeks are now causing some new problems for homeowners.

The damp conditions created a big mold problem for people living in some houses.

“We took (our tile) off and there was mold underneath it and stuff like that. It was pretty nasty,” said Clint homeowner Juan Mata.

People such as Mata are not only dealing with rebuilding after the floods, they now also have to deal with mold.

“We went and bought about 20 gallons of bleach and that's what we've been going through,” he said.

The cleaning is not just for comfort. It’s also for health and safety concerns.

“My mom's health … (I hope]) that she doesn't get sick. My son has asthma,” Mata said.

“There are cases that are really severe. Last week, we had (a patient) that, unfortunately, that even with everything … We had to admit the patient to the hospital and give steroids intravenously,” said Dr. Pablo Casares, with Salud Y Vida clinic.

Casares said he sees an increase in the number of people coming in with mold exposure symptoms during this time of year.

“If the symptoms persist, you start having shortness of breath. The best way to go is go to your personal care provider and get checked. Make sure that this is not an allergic reaction,” he said.

Water and mold removal crews are also seeing an increase in business.

“We usually consider them storm surges but we're ready for them,” said Jimmy Garza, owner of Jimmy Garza Emergency Water Removal.

Garza said getting professional help is key to preventing not only mold, but other contaminants that may have come in with the floodwaters.

“We come in, and after they've already done initial assessment and cleanup, we come in and make sure everything is done within industry standards,” he said.

Garza said the sooner you take care of the issue, the less the chances of it continuing to spread.

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