Migrants talk about journey to US

Refugees at Annunciation House of El Paso

The Annunciation House of El Paso held a press conference Monday morning regarding the state of the migrant situation on the Mexican Border.

They claim to have housed refugees for years and said at the conference that just this past week, they took in 2,400 refugees.

One woman spoke on behalf of her and her children. She said she doesn’t regret the difficult journey here because it’s keeping her daughters safe from all the violence in her country.

“I do not regret it because I did it for my daughters. And if I had to do it all over again I’d do it again because it was for the well being of my daughters. It’s my responsibility to fight for my daughters. I’m going to fight for my daughters no matter what happens,” said Yeimi, a refugee from Honduras.

She also said before she came here, she had no idea she’d be separated from her daughters.

“I was detained in El Paso until last Friday. It has not been easy for me. When I was separated from my daughters it was a long time till I knew where they were, who they were with. The social worker wouldn’t answer her phone calls,” said Yeimi.

Another woman says her family came to the U.S., looking for more opportunity.

“We are here for an opportunity. And we want to see if it’s possible because in our country, there aren’t any opportunities. The criminality in our country is very high,” said Glenda.

Ruben Garcia, the director for the Annunciation House, says he hopes the president realizes one thing as he makes his way into the Borderland today.

“We shouldn’t be spending our times talking about walls. We should be spending our time talking about living up to the words that we as a country have said. This is what characterizes us. This is part of who we are,” said Garcia.

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