Members of Syndicato de Nuevo Mexico to be tried in Las Cruces Federal Court 

Credit: MGN Online

On Monday, four members of the Syndicato de Nuevo Mexico prison gang, including their leader, will be tried in federal court.

Right now, U.S. Marshals are calling this a high-threat trial.

According to a Las Cruces Sun News article, the prison gang is known for their violence, drug dealing and murder, both inside and outside of prison walls.

Monday's trial will be the first of three trials which will include around 24r defendants.

According to FBI officials, members of Syndicato de Nuevo Mexico are known for taking shanks into the courtroom, which is why this trial has already sparked tension and fear.

Today KFOX14 spoke with people in Las Cruces who didn’t wish to appear on camera in fear of retaliation.

“People are afraid because their families are targeted. I mean, when they go after people, it’s not just the person. They go after their entire families, because that’s the old school way of doing things,” said a person who didn’t wish to appear on camera.

However, they say gangs like these, are well known inside and outside of the prison walls because of their dangerous nature.

“As soon as their faces are seen they become a target, and if they have families or anything like that it becomes an issue,” one man said.

The Las Cruces Sun News reported a U.S. district judge was considering a U.S. Marshals' request to keep all four defendants in shackles during the trial based on their criminal history.

According to the Las Cruces Sun News, U.S. Marshals said that one defendant has reported wanting to have another defendant “hit.”

Defense attorneys are seeking permission to let their clients be tried without shackles, arguing a jury would be prejudice if they saw their clients restrained.

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