Markings missing on I-10 west near Sunland Park, drivers say

Markings missing on I-10 west near Sunland Park, drivers say. (Credit: KFOX14)

Some drivers are raising concerns about the striping on a stretch of I-10 in west El Paso.

They say it's hard to see markings on I-10 westbound at the curve right before the Sunland Park Exit. Some said they've narrowly avoided accidents when they couldn't tell which lane they were driving in.

"It is very dangerous, very dangerous," said Belinda Pacheco.

"I know that I have had to correct myself a few times," said Omar Barzenas. "I was going into another lane because of that little curve there."

"The lines on the freeway are real light and some are big and some are small," Pacheco said. "The lanes are narrow, so it's like you really don't know what lane you're supposed to be in. Especially at night when the lights are hitting in your face, it's hard to see the lines."

Drivers said bad weather, like the rain the Borderland saw earlier this week, makes it an even bigger problem.

"El Paso drivers are not that great at driving in the rain, and then when it's on the highway, with the construction going on, it’s even worse," Barzenas said.

"Weather conditions, even worse," Pacheco said. "I've almost gotten into several accidents because it's hard to see the lines, and I'm going into the other lanes and I don't realize it."

The Texas Department of Transportation said it has received some complaints and is monitoring the issue.

A spokesperson sent the following statement:

"This has been a comment complaint/question. We have recently re-painted some of the striping and continue to monitor its condition. Dependent upon the lane configuration, geometry, weather condition, etc. some of the markings are not as effective as usual. We recommend motorists slow down to the 50 mph posted speed, pay attention to the construction signage and drive alert without distractions. We will review this particular location for the need to re-stripe as we have done previously."

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