Man kills son-in-law faces 99 years in prison

Mug shot of Javier Quinones

An El Paso man was found guilty of murdering his son-in-law, an El Paso Community College professor.

Javier Quinones, 66, was found guilty murder and interference with child custody Friday morning.

William Wolff was found dead in December 2015 after a child custody battle.

He was shot to death outside his brother’s law offices in northeast El Paso.

Quinones was sentenced to life in prison and also two years in jail on the interfering with child custody count. The sentences will run concurrently.

Quinones was solemn as the judge read out his sentence.

Both families were in the courtroom as it happened. They were all hugging after they left the courtroom.

Jurors reached a verdict in about two hours, and a sentence in about an hour.

"I think that speaks to the strength of the case. I haven’t spoken to the jury, I can’t really speak to what’s on their mind but I think that shows that they at least feel confident in their decision," said assistant district attorney James Montoya.

Quinones’ wife, Guadalupe, and their daughter, Erika Wolff, were all arrested in connection with William Wolff’s death.

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