Major Go-10 closure disrupts traffic across west El Paso

Drivers in El Paso had their patience tested on Sunday after the complete closure of I-10 West at Resler Street threw a wrench in people’s weekend plans.

TxDOT crews shut down I-10 west at Resler as part of the Go-10 project.

Traffic in west El Paso was inescapable from Mesa Street to Sunland Park to I-10 east.

“I think it's death. Pure death!” said Sunset Heights driver Linda Muñoz.

The streets felt more like parking lots to drivers stuck in traffic.

“I think we're going on 30 minutes from Mesa to down here,” said Upper Valley driver Daniela Almeraz.

This weekend TxDOT crews demolished the I-10 westbound overpass that goes over Mesa, but the effects could be felt throughout most westside streets.

“It's crazy! We're trying to get to stores and we can't get to them. It's taking a lot of time,” one driver said.

People trying to run errands found themselves stuck in the stop and go traffic with no way out.

“We've been around the same area so we try to take different routes to arrive to our destination and it's just a nightmare,” Munoz said.

But despite the headache, drivers said it’s worth it for less traffic in the future.

“Eventually it's going to pay off, but in the meantime we have to suffer through it,” one driver said.

“We of course understand that we need to suffer to get to the nice part once they're done with their work,” Munoz said.

The 27-hour closure ended nine hours ahead of the scheduled time, which was originally set for 6 a.m. Monday.

Crews have closed the North Mesa Street entrance ramp to I-10 Westbound until 6 a.m. Tuesday.

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