Lower prices bring more people to last week of Sun City Fair

Sun City Fair

Organizers of the Sun City fair said turnout has been a little bit better ever since they lowered the prices on Monday.

The fair had lower attendance this year than last, but organizers aren't quite sure why that is.

Operations manager Billy Starns said whatever the turnout, they are welcoming people with open arms.

“It's been a little slow. We expected more attendance, but we're here and we're geared up for family fun,” Starns said.

The lower turnout comes despite the fact that the fair has new things to offer.

“We have a considerable amount of more rides this year. Bigger rides, more adult rides and more kids' rides. We have more entertainment this year also that's no-cost -- it's covered in admissions,” Starns said.

Last year, the Sun City fair was scheduled for 10 days. However, it was so popular that the organizers decided to extend it for another week.

This year, the Sun City fair was scheduled for two weeks, something that could be contributing to lower attendance.

Organizers will not extend the fair this year to make up for losses because they have an event in Albuquerque next week.

Still, Starns is hoping that Easter weekend will see a higher turnout.

Organizers have not yet decided whether they will keep the fair's length at two weeks next year or shorten it back down to one week.

They will discuss it after the fair wraps up. They'll also discuss the pricing for next year's fair.

“We've heard what the people said and we listened and we made that happen,” Starns said.

Sun City fair is open through Sunday night. Military members both active and inactive get in for free. Parking at Ascarate Park is $5; fair prices vary depending on the day.

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