TXDOT: Construction zone crashes mostly happen on I-10 between Thorn and Cotton

I-10 west

The largest number of construction zone car crashes in the Borderland occur on I-10 between Thorn St. and Cotton Avenue, according to Texas Department of Transportation.

SpokeswomanJennifer Wright says El Pasoans are not driving safe enough especially in construction zones.

"Failure to control speed, you can see here comes up again and again and again. Failure to control speed. Failure to control speed" says Wright.

TxDOT numbers show 745 crashes reported in 2016 between Thorn and Cotton.

This year's numbers show 575 car crashes.

Wright says the top three causes for car crashes in a construction zone are failure to signal when changing lanes, distracted driving and speeding.

"Speeding and getting in a crash delays everybody. It doesn't pay to speed. You need to slow down," says Wright.

Wright says TxDOT understands these construction projects can be a pain to drive through but advises El Pasoans to be patient.

"It seems like forever but I can tell you, it's gonna be a great payoff when it's done. A lot of our congestion issues will be done on that part of town" says Wright.

Construction in that area is expected to be done by 2019.

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