Local rescue spoils critically ill Lab with bucket list adventures

Marley the Lab. (Courtesy: Mutt Love Dog Rescue)

There’s a Lab who’s become quite popular on social media for his will to live and the bucket list adventures a local shelter has created for him.

At first glance, Marley looks like a typical pup, but he’s not like most dogs.

He can’t run or fetch. He suffers from a condition that affects the nervous system. Part of his body is paralyzed, but that doesn’t stop him.

“Marley is your typical happy-go-lucky Lab,” said Bernadette Arenivas, director at Mutt Love Dog Rescue.

The facility in El Paso took Marley in after one of its foster parents saw his story on social media.

His previous owner noticed Marley couldn’t move his back legs and later she could no longer care for him.

Marley needs to be carried because he cannot walk.

“She was looking to surrender him to a rescue or to another owner that might be able to deal with his medical issues,” Arenivas said.

Mutt Love Dog Rescue deals with critically ill dogs. Given Marley’s condition, they jumped at the chance to help give him the best quality of life possible and this is happening via a bucket list.

“He’s had pupachinos, he’s had burgers, he had a spa day at a local grooming facility in

El Paso,” Arenivas said.

Crystal Garcia is fostering Marley now. She’s the foster parent who first saw Marley. She just couldn’t turn away from him, either, and Marley seems to be returning the favor.

“Oh my gosh, his energy. He’s brought so much love in life and positive energy into the house, that’ll I’ll forever be grateful to him.”

How to become a foster:

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