Local pilot program relocating homeless veterans into shelters

A program aims at helping local homeless veterans get off the streets and curb suicide.

The El Paso Veterans and Riders Association is teaming up with El Paso Coalition for the Homeless to provide shelter for veterans.

Camile Castillo, who is the housing and urban development project coordinator for El Paso Coalition, said they know of three U.S. veterans who committed suicide because they were evicted from their homes.

"We've dealt with suicides in the past regarding our veterans; we want to really prevent that," said Castillo.

Both organizations launched a pilot program to prevent homelessness in veterans.

"This program is a program that we're going to use to help stop veterans' homelessness," said Darrell G. Mond, with the El Paso Veterans and Riders Association.

The team will use $1.2 million in federal funding to find temporary housing for homeless veterans in El Paso.

The two organizations want to educate landlords about the programs so they can provide a solution rather than leaving a veteran out on the streets. They also hope landlords will become lenient with veterans who are late with payments.

Veterans seeking shelter can contact Mond at 915-790-3930.

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