Local organization helps combat substance abuse in the Borderland

credit: KFOX14

October is substance abuse awareness month.

According to medical research, more than 20 million Americans suffer from drug and alcohol abuse every year.

That is why Emergence Health Network opened several mental health support centers around the Borderland.

Cynthia Monzon was an addict for over eight years.

She says it was difficult to admit she needed help.

“It took the passing of my mother for me to really get it together,” said Monzon.

Elizabeth Zarate is the program coordinator for OSAR.

OSAR is a recovery program provided by the state to help addicts.

Zarate says substance abuse in the Borderland is growing.

She hopes more people will use the centers they have provided to their advantage.

“We're the first stop. So when you have a need, you come to us and we make sure you have a place to go,” says Zarate.

Monzon is now a peer support specialist. She provides help to addicts who are in the same situation she was in years ago.

Monzon encourages any addict to find their "why" and use that as motivation to seek help.

”I don't want to experience what I put my parents through and I don't want them to experience what I went through. You know it's not the life, but I was given a chance and I took that chance,” says Monzon.

For more information on how to treat substance abuse, please visit the Emergence Health Network website at or call 915-747-3605.

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