Local law enforcement, protesters prepare for President Trump's El Paso rally

Local law enforcement, protesters prepare for President Trump's El Paso rally

The El Paso County Coliseum will be the focus of the nation on Monday as President Donald Trump hosts a rally there.

"When somebody of that magnitude comes to El Paso, our goal is the safety of that person, the parties that are with him and the continued safety of our community,” Ron Martin, president of the El Paso Municipal Police Officers’ Association, said.

Martin said experiences like the pope visiting Juarez will help them with this visit.

"Since our staffing levels are inadequate for a city our size, without asking the chief, I'm pretty sure that a majority of our personnel will be pulled in to handle the operation, including detectives including patrol officers,” Martin said.

There will be more than just tumbleweeds in the streets around the Coliseum.

"We are going to march. We are going to rally. We are going to get together massively," Fernando Garcia, executive director for the Border Network for Human Rights, said.

Groups like the Border Network for Human Rights and the El Paso Democratic Party say at least 20 local groups will be rallying when the president visits.

"We always have a training for participants. We have training for volunteers where we basically tell people what to expect and what we expect of them," Iliana Holguin, El Paso Democratic Party Chair, said.

"Let's start saying that. Hundreds or even thousands of people are going to gather,” Garcia said. “But, they are going to march, mobilize and rally peacefully."

Martin told us that's all he and his fellow officers can hope for at the Coliseum.

"We're not going to allow people to get out of hand, and we're not going to allow violence," Martin said.

"At the end of the day, we are there to do a job, and it's the safety of him, the safety of our citizens."

We called the El Paso County Coliseum to find out what security preparations it's making for the president's visit. It said it can't comment for obvious security reasons.

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