Local Astros, Dodgers fans excited about World Series championship game

Astros fans at the Ale House.

The Border City Ale House was packed Wednesday night with both Dodgers fans and Astros fans who took turns screaming, stressing and cheering throughout the night.

The Ale House had the intense game on every TV with the volume as loud as the fans. There were a few more Dodgers fans, but both groups were going crazy with every big move. Dodgers fans were stressed in the first half because they didn't score any runs.

Fans said they are happy to have a supportive fan base here in the Borderland.

"We have Dodgers fans here. So it's a little of home. Of course, we would love to be there,” said Central El Paso resident Susane Salazar, an L.A. native. “They have a big following. Dodgers fans are hard-core. We bleed Dodger blue. We are here to support our team no matter where we live.”

"Going to Riverside, we always had the same logo as the Astros so having the same star as them really stuck out to me,” said Lower Valley resident Anthony Ramos. “So I really like the Astros. Seeing players like Jeff Bagwell. They're my favorite players. And I have family in Houston too so whenever I visit them, we will catch an Astros game."

"I'm stressed. This World Series has been… Considering we haven't been here since 2005 and we got wiped out by the White Sox, this World Series is really stressful considering it's out right now,” said Fort Bliss resident Tyler Slavings. “It's nice to have people from home here that I can relate to."

"I'll probably call in, be celebrating on the streets, call my friends. Just pure joy, pure excitement. I've waited 29 years for the Dodgers to bring it home, so 29 years, I'll be ecstatic,” said Central El Paso resident Arthur Beck said before the game ended.

When the Astros became the World Series Champions, beating the Dodgers by four runs, the fans erupted in cheers and the bar went wild. The bar cleared out pretty quickly of Dodgers fans.

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