'Live PD' captures good Samaritan rescuing toddlers from busy street

Edwin Melendez is being praised after he ends up on an episode of 'Live PD' for rescuing toddlers from busy Dyer Street.

An El Paso man is being hailed a hero worldwide.

The man rescued two toddlers from a busy road in northeast El Paso.

The popular TV show, “Live PD” caught up with him moments later.

Edwin Melendez said he was driving down Dyer Street on Saturday night, when he spotted the kids.

He said he didn’t even think twice, before stopping to help.

"I noticed a little girl in the road,” he said. "I also noticed another little kid on the side of the road, but it was really dark, so I couldn't tell if there were any parents or anything like that."

Melendez said he slowed down to see if there were any adults around.

When he didn’t see anyone else in sight, he decided to jump into action.

"So, I immediately pulled over,. I called the kids over. They were crying and hysterical. I called the kids over. They came right to me,” he said.

He told KFOX14 he didn’t call the police right away.

"I waited for a while and I was looking, looking, to see if anybody was calling their names or if there were any cars parked up the road with their hazards on. Nothing,” he said.

He said he wasn’t sure what to do next, so he did the one thing he could think of: He called the authorities.

"They had no shoes on, so I was just, like, 'What?' so I put them in my car. I put them in the truck and I called the police,” he said.

Melendez said that, when an officer with the El Paso Police Department arrived, so did the cameras.

They were filming for “Live PD.”

"I don't know,” he said. “It's really overwhelming."

Since the episode ran, Melendez said his social media pages have blown up.

In fact, on Twitter, people across the world have hailed him a hero, a good Samaritan –and even an angel.

"That's a big thing to be called, you know, and it gives me a lot of pride, but it's really overwhelming,” he said. “I don't know how to take it or wrap my head around it."

But, he said, he couldn’t have rescued the children alone.

"The officer, she did really good, you know. She responded quick,” he said. "She handled that situation really well."

Melendez said that, shortly after the police officer arrived, the children’s grandparents and their father arrived.

They had been searching the area for the children.

As reported on “Live PD,” the El Paso Police Department told us that officers questioned the parents and then returned the toddlers to them.

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