Linear trail to stretch across El Paso County

The trail will allow pedestrians to walk or cycle between parks, schools, and businesses.

The Paso del Norte Health Foundation’s project team is partnering with the Institute for Healthy Living to develop a map for a county-wide linear trail in El Paso.

The trail would allow residents to walk or cycle between parks, schools and businesses.

Supporters say that El Paso does not have enough areas that are pedestrian friendly and this project creates an active and safe way for students to travel to school.

The trail is expected to have other amenities like shade-structures, exercise equipment and amenities for dogs.

Project leaders say the trail would cost about $1 million per mile, but past transportation projects in the borderland suggest that this is feasible.

The group is seeking feedback from the community before advancing the project. They hosted a meeting to receive public input Wednesday night and will host another meeting at 6 p.m. at the Mission Valley Regional Command Center on Escobar Drive.

If you’re not able to attend, they have set up a website that allows the community to express their interests, concerns, and ideas.

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