Lawrence Lucero acquitted in murder trial


A jury found a Las Cruces man not guilty of stabbing another man to death during a fight at a house party in 2014.

Lucero was found not guilty of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon on Thursday.

Lucero was accused of stabbing 17-year-old David Escamilla to death at the 2014 party.

He was the second suspect facing charges in the case.

Ismael Montoya is also a suspect in the murder case.

After four hours of deliberation, a jury found Lucero not guilty of second-degree murder and not guilty of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

David Escamilla’s family was emotional once the verdict was read aloud in trial today.

KFOX14 spoke with Lucero’s defense attorney, Raymond Conley who says, the jury made the right decision.

“It’s emotional. Because I thought the evidence pointed to somebody else, not my guy. I thought that was clear. So I’m very happy. As well as emotional,” Conley said.

Lucero is currently in prison for a separate charge he plead guilty to.

His attorney says he’ll be released sometime in December.

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