Las Cruces woman arrested after punching niece during argument over cake

Mug shot of Yvette Enriquez. She is charged with abuse of a child.

An argument that started over cake resulted in physical fight that injured a child.

Yvette Enriquez was charged with child abuse after punching her niece in the mouth, according to court documents.

Enriquez’s sister-in-law was having a party for Enriquez to celebrate her completion of beauty school.

According to court documents, there was food and alcohol at the gathering.

Sometime during the party, the woman who was hosting learned that her other sister-in-law was hurt because Enriquez did not appreciate a cake that was baked for her, court documents state.

The sister-in-law who was hosting the party and Enriquez argued in the kitchen about the cake incident and things escalated into a physical fight.

During the fight, Enriquez’s brother got in between the two women after seeing that they were becoming physical with one another.

The brother’s daughter, Enriquez’s niece, told investigators that she heard the commotion in the kitchen after going to her room to go to sleep.

The young girl saw her parents and aunt fighting in the kitchen.

According to court documents, the girl then called 911.

The girl told investigators she tried to take her aunt off of her mom and Enriquez turned around, made eye contact with her, and punched her in the mouth, court documents say.

The girl’s lip became swollen and she began to bleed. She said there were small cuts on her lip and it became bruised later, according to court documents.

Enriquez was arrested on Wednesday.

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