Las Cruces woman accused of driving after ex-boyfriend, crashing into his car several time

Sophia Bahena-Roman is accused of crashing her car into her ex-boyfriend's vehicle.

A woman is accused of crashing into her ex-boyfriend's sports car several times after he tried to get his belongings back from her, according to court records.

Sophia Bahena-Roman was arrested and charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon against a household member.

According to court documents, Bahena-Rohman’s ex-boyfriend told her that the relationship was over and that he wanted to get his things from her.

He was driving a red Corvette to the location where he attempted to pick up his belongings when Bahena-Roman allegedly drove her Subaru Forester toward the sports car in an attempt to hit it, the court documents state.

The ex-boyfriend left the area and while stopped at the intersection of Solano Drive and Nevada Avenue, the woman reportedly intentionally rear-ended him, according to court documents.

The court documents go on to say that when the man turned on Solano Drive, she allegedly rammed into the Corvette several more times.

Bahena-Roman is accused of chasing after her ex-boyfriend at high rates of speed, according to witnesses.

At one point, she allegedly rammed her vehicle so hard into his that it caused him to speed through a red light.

Witnesses told investigators they saw the chase and the woman ramming her car into the Corvette, court documents state.

Investigators searched the man’s phone and saw that his account of the events were accurate with the phone findings.

Bahena-Roman was jailed at the Dona Ana Detention Facility.

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