Las Cruces schools to begin immigrant welcome center

Las Cruces schools to begin immigrant welcome center

LAS CRUCES, N.M. – Las Cruces goes back to school on Monday and the school district is ready to kick off a program intended to make immigrant students feel more at home, even when they are from hundreds of miles away.

Las Cruces Public Schools has developed the Immigration Welcome Center, a place designed to help immigrant students and their families deal with the stress and anxiety of moving to an unfamiliar place.

As part of the program, each high school in Las Cruces will hire one staff member who will work with the students and their families to familiarize them with the campus and help them overcome language barriers.

The Las Cruces Teacher’s Association says the program “is going to provide more security and comfort to new immigrant students.” ;It says the staff member will “help them transition to a new school and the United States.”

Las Cruces high schools will also begin offering ethnic studies courses.The teacher’s association says this will aid in bridging cultures among students in the district.

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