Voters approved bonds for Las Cruces Public Schools, Gadsden ISD


Voters approved the the bonds for Las Cruces Public Schools and the Gadsden Independent School District.

People in Southern Doña Ana County voted for the bond that will go toward funding several different projects in the district.

Combined, the bonds add up to $90 million.

Las Cruces Public Schools will receive 50 million.

The Gadsden School District will get 40 million in school funding.

Polling booths opened up at 7 this Tuesday morning.

According to district officials, it’s an election that happens once every four years to generate money for different projects.

The money will fund things like new classrooms, security doors, and major renovations for some schools.

On the list are schools like Mesilla Park elementary which is slated to receive $60,000 for playground shade structures.

KFOX14 spoke with people to find out whether they’d vote for this bond and why.

“My kids are educated and my kids' grandkids are going to be educated someday and that is important to me,” Malvin Lynum said.

“Our kids are our future, we need to help these kids because they look up to us we have to keep them safe. Without us voting or saying something they’re not gonna get that money,” Deborah Otega said.

According to the county clerk’s office, 477 voted for the general obligation bond and 51 against.

The clerk’s offices say’s 403 voted for the public school capital improvement tax and 102 against it.

In total, 531 people showed up to vote in the 2018 bond election.

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