Las Cruces leaders plan to expand development in Sonoma Ranch

Sonoma Ranch in Las Cruces

City leaders in Las Cruces are moving forward with plans to rezone one part of the city that is continuing to grow.

City officials agreed on Monday to modify 275 acres in the Sonoma Ranch area.

The agreement includes plans to build more houses, add recreation, and to leave room for future development.

"Las Cruces is experiencing a positive growth, we're doing everything we can to promote that,” Larry Nichols, director of community development said.

It’s called the Sonoma Ranch North Master Plan.

It’s 275 acres south of Highway 70 along the east and west sides of Sonoma Ranch just North of Rinconada Boulevard.

"There is a lot of activity right now in Las Cruces, a lot of development a lot of people are showing interest. This is one of the subdivisions that is going to help that development, help that interest,” Nichols said.

Nicols said there’s five areas in the subdivision that will be modified to have mixed uses of the land.

That includes a 3-acre park, new houses, apartments, and new office buildings.

"It's a good time right now in Las Cruces for new businesses coming in, new factories, new jobs,” Nichols said.

People who live in Sonoma say they’d like to see more recreation for kids and other attractions for teens.

"Places for the teens to hang out, you know a clean environment but yet they're able to get out and be kids, you know batting cages, things of that nature,” Stephanie Mendoza said.

Traffic in the area was another issue one resident brought up, but city officials say they will plan accordingly.

"Any time there's development, any time there's more business, more homes, yes there is an increase in congestion and an increase in traffic. Through these traffic counts and traffic planning, to help find ways to make it to where it’s not so obstructive,” Nichols said.

Work is expected to be complete within the next few years.

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