Las Cruces community comes together to help family who lost home in fire

Las Cruces mobile home destroyed in fire.

A family who lost their home in a fire last week in Las Cruces is getting some uplifting support from people in the community.

After a fire devastated a mobile home, along with everything in it, now the Ochoa family is moving forward with the help of many people from the Las Cruces community.

“It’s pretty hard saying goodbye to some things that you value a lot, it’s pretty hard,” Danna Karen said.

As we reported last week, a fearsome fire destroyed this mobile home on Valley Drive and Hadley Avenue.

After the Ochoas lost their home, people in Las Cruces started donating appliances, furniture, clothing and much more.

“Meeting people, like when we had to pick everything up, meeting them and a smile with their face, you know they did it with their heart, it makes you feel good, like you aren’t alone,” Jocelin Ochoa said.

Ochoa said when the fire totaled her grandmother's home, it also burned her walker, medicine and oxygen tank.

All of that is already being replaced after people started donating to the family's GoFundMe account.

One man even rented a storage unit for the family to store their belongings in the meantime.

“We really don’t think people are gonna help because they don’t even know us, but there’s a lot of good people out there with big hearts that are always willing to help,” Ochoa said.

Danna Karen is the 8-year-old who lives with her great-grandmother.

She said it was painful having to throw away memories and photos that were destroyed in the fire, especially ones of her mother, who lives in Mexico.

“She’s very sick and she’s not very close to me, and one of those memories was from my mom. itIt was pretty sad seeing them and saying goodbye to them,” Karen said.

Both Karen and her great-grandmother are staying with family until they can find a place of their own.

“I wanna say thank you for all your support for helping me and my grandma. Everybody be safe because some of these things could happen most of the time, even though it’s not our fault or God's fault, we don’t have to be mad at someone,” Karen said.

People in Las Cruces have donated more than $2,300 to the Ochoa family after they set up a GoFundMe account.

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