Knife used in deadly stabbing of off-duty Border Patrol agent shown in second day of trial

Knife used in deadly stabbing of off-duty Border Patrol agent shown in second day of trial for the man accused of killing him. (KFOX/CBS4)

On the second day of the Hisaias Lopez murder trial, dashcam video was shown of the night Lopez allegedly stabbed off-duty Border Patrol Agent Isaac Morales. Jurors also got a look at the weapon.

Lopez is on trial for a second time after a mistrial was declared earlier this year.

He is accused of stabbing Morales in the eye after a fight outside a far east El Paso bar last year.

In court on Tuesday, graphic images of Morales’s injuries were shown.

The medical examiner said on the stand that the stab wound to the head that went through Morales’ eye penetrated both the skull and brain, ultimately killing him.

Crimes and investigations Officer Luis Sarmiento took the stand and showed the jury the knife alleged to have been used to stab Morales.

Sarmiento showed the location where the knife was found, which became a second crime scene.

A second knife was also found at the scene.

Lopez reportedly threw the knife onto the playground at a day care and then dropped another knife when he was being chased by Morales’ friend.

During testimony on Tuesday, pictures taken of Lopez the night of the incident were shown. In them, he appears beaten up and bruised.

Dashcam video was also shown of the scene after security from the bar and Morales’ friend tried to detain Lopez when he ran off after Morales had been stabbed.

Several officers who arrived at the scene tried to arrest Lopez.

One of them, Officer Irak Santian, said, “It took four of us to place handcuffs on him. He was pulling away from us. He was tensing up.”

On Monday, jurors heard from friends of Morales who were outside in the parking lot of the bar where the fight happened.

Morales’ girlfriend also testified. She broke down crying when she began to describe how Morales fell to the ground during the fight.

Lopez was charged with murder and two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The defense is expected to make their case Wednesday morning.

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