KFOX14 Investigates: Committee formed to create pet grooming law

Wednesday the Animal Shelter Advisory Committee discussed what that pet grooming ordinance could include.

Animal advocates are weighing in on changing pet grooming regulations.

KFOX 14 chief investigative reporter Genevieve Curtis has been following this story ever since her investigation revealed unlicensed groomers charged with animal cruelty.

City Council recently voted to create an ordinance requiring pet groomers to have cameras in their business as well as a license.

Now local animal advocates are in the process of creating that ordinance.

This comes after KFOX14 Investigates discovered two animal cruelty cases involving groomers where the dogs died.

Wednesday the Animal Shelter Advisory Committee discussed what that ordinance could include.

Currently, shops are required to have permits from the city but not grooming licenses related to the groomers' skill, sanitation or care of the animals.

"Now that we have a formal proposal from mayor and council, now we have the green light to proceed and what we're going to include. We're hoping that the process is going to take anywhere from four to six months; I'm hoping even sooner. All the support from the community, all of your reporting has been instrumental,” said City Council Rep. Claudia Ordaz Perez.

The board discussed the ways in which they would go about implementing that type of licensing, which may include handling and sanitation requirements.

Wednesday they voted to form a subcommittee to include local groomers to figure out how to go about creating the licensing.

The subcommittee chair says that will include looking at how other states have implemented licensing requirements.

"I really want to limit the businesses on the number of dogs they take in, or cats, because that's usually what causes the groomers to become frustrated. It's what stresses the dogs out. A lot of the stress that comes with the dogs can affect their behavior," said committee member Charlie Moreno.

The next step will be community outreach and meetings with local stakeholders.

Once an ordinance is drafted, it will be taken back to council for final approval.

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