Jury finds Gabriel Chavez not guilty in 2014 death of Carlos Marquez

    Gabriel Chavez was acquitted in the murder of Carlos Marquez.

    A man accused of shooting and killing another man over money in 2014 has been acquitted.

    A jury found Gabriel Chavez not guilty of murder in the death of 46-year-old Carlos Marquez.

    The alleged incident happened near the intersection of Duran Place and San Jose Road in December 2014.

    According to court documents, both men were arguing outside Chavez’ house over money. Chavez then went inside to get a gun and met Marquez back outside, court documents said. Marquez allegedly rushed towards Chavez, and that’s when Chavez fired a single round, striking Marquez, court documents stated.

    Marquez then fell to the ground and was lying on his back when Chavez allegedly shot him again, according to court documents.

    When officers arrived, they heard the gunshots and saw Chavez walking away from Marquez, officials said.

    Chavez told investigators that anger and previous altercations caused him to shoot Marquez.

    Marquez was taken to a local hospital, where he died from his injuries, police said.

    Chavez’ trial began on April 9.

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