Jury deliberates in trial of man accused of killing a constable on Halloween

Devon Huerta in trial for the killing of constable Robert White.

Closing arguments wrapped up Thursday morning in Devon Huerta’s Trial. He is accused of aggravated assault of a public servant after a 2014 fight. Constable Robert White died of heart failure after the altercation.

Both the state and the defense brought up the number of witnesses who were able to definitively say whether a punch to White’s face did or didn’t happen.

The defense argued only one witness was able to testify that a punch did occur. The state argued that the other witnesses couldn’t say a punch did or didn’t happen because they admitted to not seeing the entirety of the fight.

White's friends and family have been in the courtroom this week listening to the evidence. They tell us they’re just looking for closure.

“No one here is seeking revenge. We just want justice for what occurred. At this time it’s in the jury’s hands and we do have faith in the system and that we do get justice for Robert White,” Sgt. Francisco Almada said.

The jury deliberated through the afternoon, but they were sequestered until Friday morning.

Reporter Claudia Tristán is tweeting live updates from inside the courtroom. Follow her on Twitter @ClaudiaKFOX_CBS.

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