Irvin coach's brother talks about the legacy he left behind

Alex Duran talks about his brother who was killed in a bus crash after a track meet in Lubbock. (KFOX14/CBS4)

The brother of Irvin High School coach Archie Duran said losing him has been extremely hard but is thanking the community for its support.

The track coach and social sciences teacher was killed in a head-on collision while traveling back to El Paso from a meet in Lubbock.

Alex Duran said Archie was the oldest.

“The hardest part is losing my sibling, missing my older brother, and his wife and his kids are now without him. I think that’s pretty hard,” Alex said.

Alex called KFOX14 on Monday night to share the funeral arrangements for his brother and welcomed the community to attend and join the family in saying goodbye to the beloved track coach.

“I want people to remember him as an amazing son and amazing father, amazing husband, amazing brother and an amazing member of the community. I want them to remember him smiling, happy, because he was a really happy person,” Alex said.

Alex said his brother wanted a career in which he could have an impact on people. “He really wanted to make a difference in this world and that’s why he pursued teaching and coaching, because he wanted to create change. He wanted people to be better.”

Even though the family is dealing with the hardship, Alex is happy to know his brother was appreciated and loved.

“And we’re still in shock and we just can’t believe it that he is not here anymore,” Alex said.

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