Insights El Paso still connecting to the community without building

Ellen Esposito said Insights El Paso is focusing on community outreach.

Insights El Paso, a nonprofit organization that brings informal science education to the community, hasn't had a physical building since December 2016, but that isn't stopping it from connecting with the community.

"We made the decision to move out of the box, not to be within four walls and instead go to a 100 percent outreach operation," board president Ellen Esposito said.

Insights used to be in a building in downtown El Paso that was demolished to make room for the Southwest University Ballpark. Then, the organization moved into Alamo Elementary School.

"The building that we were in, which was generously donated by EPISD -- it was the old Alamo Elementary School -- had a lot of maintenance issues and it was not a suitable location for us," Esposito said.

Insights is now working to create partnerships with schools and collaborate with community groups. It's a move El Pasoans agree with.

"I think they'll be bringing science and technology to a lot of people who wouldn't have had the opportunity to witness that beforehand," Nicholas Thomas said.

Esposito wants to assure El Pasoans that Insights is back to bringing science to the city while increasing its presence at community events.

"So many people think we are no longer in the community, but we are here," Esposito said. "We're not going anywhere and we hope to see everybody soon."

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