Infant critically injured after father shook her, police say

Mug shot of Marcus Alton Minnick. He's charged with a first-degree felony count of child abuse causing great bodily harm.

A Las Cruces father is accused of critically injuring his 7-week-old daughter, according to police.

Marcus Alton Minnick was taking care of the infant while the child’s mother went to the store around 3:30 p.m. Tuesday.

According to police, the infant started crying and Minnick, 19, removed her from a bassinet and shook her back and forth.

Minnick then placed the baby back in the bassinet before leaving the room, police said.

The man later returned to the child and found her to be unresponsive, police said.

After discovering the infant wasn’t breathing, Minnick performed CPR, but did not call 911, police said.

The girl’s mother returned home and called 911, police said.

First responders performed CPR on the infant while she was transported to Memorial Medical Center. Police said the infant was revived at the hospital and then transported to University Medical Center in El Paso.

Maria Delao lives on Calle De Suenos street in Las Cruces.

The same street where police say Minnick shook his baby girl so badly, she almost didn’t survive.

"You don't want to hear a child being harmed in any way, and I don't know what I would do if something like that happened to my kids," said Delao

Robert Nantze was speechless when he heard what happened on his street.

"It's hard to hear, like I don't want to hear that someone was shaking their own child," said Nantze.

Neighbors say they hope people like Minnick are caught to ensure a safer neighborhood.

"I just hope more responsible people move in and the other people who do stupid things move out," said Nantze.

According to medical professionals, the infant was diagnosed with hemorrhaging in the brain, severe bilateral retinal hemorrhage in both eyes, global hypoxic brain injury and she was malnourished.

Medical professions also discovered the child had rib fractures that appeared to be two or three weeks old.

The girl remains hospitalized at UMC in El Paso.

Minnick was arrested Wednesday and originally faced a charge of child abuse causing great bodily harm. He now faces reckless abuse of a child charges. He was booked into the county jail, where he is initially being held without bond.

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