Immigration judges: Trump's decision to create quota won't work

Fence along the U.S./Mexico border in Santa Teresa, N.M. (Credit: KFOX14/CBS4)

Immigration judges are responding to President Donald Trump's order that would put a quota on how many cases the judges would need to create each year.

The order was handed down by the Trump administration on Tuesday. It's an attempt to handle the nearly 684,000 pending immigration cases.

The order says that immigration judges would need to complete 700 cases each year.

Ashley Tabaddor, the president of the National Association of Immigration judges, says that requiring judges to meet a quota will create a rush to judgement, according to the Texas Tribune.

The Tribune reports that she says cases including hundreds of pages of filings would have to be done in just hours. She says that will lead to grounds for more appeals and increase the backlog.

On the other side, the Department of Justice says that would speed up the process, without compromising due process.

Elizabeth Villalva of West El Paso says that she "understands that there are a lot of backlog cases that need to be settled." She continued, "There are way too many and they are piling up, but I do think there's another way he [President Trump] can approach it."

She says that, "There are way too many cases that have different stories to them and judges cannot look at cases in the matter of three hours and put a stamp on them."

She says that would lead to judges treating people like "a piece of paper."

In Texas, there are nearly 105,000 pending immigration cases and the Justice Department is defending its decision to create a quota.

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