Hundreds of homeless kids in Las Cruces get community support after shelters close

File: Students in Las Cruces (Credit: KFOX14/CBS4)

The Las Cruces community is coming together to help the hundreds of kids who are homeless in Las Cruces.

Last month, KFOX14 reported about the closure of a transitional living center and two homeless shelters, leaving about 700 students who attend Las Cruces Public Schools without a home.

People in the community decided to do something about it and loaded up their cars with donations to get the kids through the holiday season.

After the facilities closed down, kids were found sleeping in parks and on the roofs of schools.

Yoli Silva, a social worker for Las Cruces Public Schools and liason for Project Link, which advocates for homeless kids, says after KFOX14’s story aired, people wanted to help.

Some donated money, others gave clothing and gift cards.

Silva says now Project Link has enough support to provide assistance to all of the homeless children over the holidays.

"I'm hoping the awareness continues, so that we continue to have donations come in. But also the momentum of the voice that we talked about the last time of people coming together to build something permanent, a resource for these kids," Silva said.

Silva says she is thankful for the help but worries it may not continue after the holidays.

On Tuesday, Las Cruces Mayor first name Miyagishima says he plans on addressing this issue with his board members.

"We'll get this resolved, but this is also a problem that's more systematic, we need to look at it as a long-term solution,” Miyagishima said.

Miyagishima says the city can use money from its Telshore fund to possibly re-open one of the the shelters for the children.

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