Housing authority says 18 families became homeowners this year out of the 40,000 residents

El Paso Housing Authority

The Housing Authority of El Paso completed 17 developments this year to house thousands of struggling families.

The 17 communities are part of the rental assistance program. This program allows the housing authority to build homes for families who are struggling financially.

"We have a portfolio of 42 communities so do the math. We have a lot more to go. 2018 is going to be a big year for us," said Javier Camacho.

According to housing authority spokesperson Javier Camacho, over 2,500 families were relocated to the new developments this year. Eight thousand are expected to move into more developments next year.

“One of our big initiatives is home ownership and in 2017, we officially graduated families from affordable homes to their own homes -- 18 graduates this year," Camacho said.

A total of 40,000 people are currently receiving assistance from the housing authority which is why they are building so many developments. Out of the thousands receiving assistance,18 families graduated from the program. Many are wondering if that number is too low.

"It's not a low number. It's actually a very big number when you think about the process the family has to go through," said Camacho.

Camacho says they are using tax credit to help them fund their self-sufficiency program. He also says the number of graduates may seem like a dwindling number but it is not the only thing that shows if families are improving within their program.

“Once they are part of the housing authority, the next step is to take what tools they have and improve on them and that way they can build on self-sufficiency," said Camacho.

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