Horizon City opens new road with hopes of bringing more businesses to community

A new $19 million road is open for drivers in Horizon City to use.

A new $19 million road is open for drivers in Horizon City to use.

The Eastlake Phase 2 project began construction January 2017 and was completed almost nine months ahead of schedule.

The project extends Eastlake Boulevard all the way to Horizon Boulevard.

Eastlake used to stop at Desert Mist Drive.

The mayor of Horizon City, Ruben Mendoza, says this road is something he and the community have been waiting for quite awhile.

“It’s a 3-mile road with a hike and bike path, lighting and landscaping. It is a really nice project that they were excited about,” Mendoza said. “And it something that we’re excited about because it’s going to open the opportunity for economic development.”

People in Horizon City told KFOX14 it will make their commute a whole lot easier, among other things.

“I think it’ll help expand the community and help expand El Paso to get bigger and that will be economy,” Bradley Hernandez said.

“I think it’s going to bring more people to Horizon. It’s going to expand Horizon,” Brandon Avila said, “and it’s gonna bring more people. I guess it’s going to bring in business while.”

Mendoza says this new six-lane road will bring the city closer together with more access.

“The folks are moving out this way. We need another exit and we need another access to I-10,” Mendoza said. “And this road, certainly, it will help in that effort.”

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