Holiday travelers fill the El Paso airport

Many travelers are rushing to El Paso Airport to reach theirdestination in time for the holidays. Courtesy: KFOX14 / CBS4

As Christmas quickly approaches, folks are jetting to their destinations to make it just in time for the holidays.

At the El Paso International Airport, KFOX14 witnessed several reunions between family and friends.

“We’ve been waiting,” said Jacelis Seda as she hugged her son. “He hasn’t been long-gone for a long time, because he’s just at job training, but it’s good to have him home.”

Some folks haven’t seen each other for months, and for some it’s been years.

“We’re actually here to see my dad,” said Oklahoma native Brittney Bohm. “He lives in Mexico, so I haven’t seen him since I was 5.”

AAA estimates that more than 107 million people will travel this holiday season.

Some folks told KFOX14 the travel experience hasn’t been too bad so far.

“Traveling was good, you know, airports were busy and made it to my gate with plenty of time,” said El Paso native Austin Magruder.

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